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75% OFF Limited Time Offer! *EXPIRES IN A WEEK

Turn your passion into a full-time business.


    + Wake up to hundreds of new followers, without spending a penny to acquire them.

    + Have your DMs to be filled with potential clients who wanna learn from you, and thank you for doing what you do.

    + Know how to create Jaw-Dropping content confidently and consistently that people like, comment on, share, and save the very SECOND you post.

    + Cultivate a community of spicy hot leads, excited clients, and Fan Like followers that will have your back and support your Business.

    + Get completely booked up and sold out of your services and products, all that while generating crazy hype about yourself and your brand, simply by posting on social media.

    ...don't worry, I got you - This tested formula will help you achieve each and every one of these things, and make growing in size, and monetizing your Instagram reality.


    • THE 7 DAYS TO BECOME A MICRO INFLUENCER EBOOK: A powerful guide for kickstarting your creative career as a digital creator. From finding your “why”, identifying your niche, creating Jaw-Dropping Content, to implementing an action plan for your Instagram Growth. You will Get my Most Powerful Method and secrets I use to Attract thousands of High-Quality engaging Followers and Make thousands Of Dollars a Month. 
    • THE BUSINESS OF CONTENT CREATION EBOOK: This is the Ultimate Guide, that will help you monetize your audience and make money on the Gram. If you’re looking for the keys to scale and turn your passion into a full-time business. You’re in need of detailed tips and actionable techniques on how to monetize your platform and unlock your business potential. You will learn everything from creating a Stellar Media Kit, to Pitching brands and hotels. 5 blogging networks and Brand Agencies that will get you paid, plus 5 different ways to Monetize your audience Right Now. 
    • 1:1 INSTAGRAM COACHING:  I love to call it PWR CALL, cause it will fuel your business and give you the Motivation and the confidence you need to get started. This one Hour Call with me will Allow you to unlock your full potential,  and wake up the Dormant Beast in you💪🏾. In here there will be No sugar- Coating. I will help you Clean up the Mess and Get Rid of the BS that is holding you backWe will Brainstorm Business Ideas together following your skills and Passion, we will create a Tailored Action Plan to put you on the Right Path. In This BOSS LADY ACADEMY, we will play on another Level, so get Ready!  

    • A FULL AUDIT OF YOUR INSTAGRAM AND SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNT: This one alone will Rise the Bar and Change the Game. If you are not growing as you should if you are not getting any followers or your engagement is very Low, your Account might be the reason why and you need to clean up the Mess. I will do a full Quality Check on your Instagram Account. I will make a full screening of the quality of your pictures, the content relevance, your posting frequency, I will go through your captions, Analyse your Hashtags, and your followers ...This will significantly Rise your whole aesthetic to the Top, not to mention your account credibility.⭐
    • ONE LIGHTROOM EBONY PRESETS COLLECTION OF YOUR CHOICE: To Boost your photography Game with one-click! And Create vibrant and eye-catching pictures. Ebony mobile presets will focus on creating stunning images that can take your breath away!

      • 4 Shoutouts on my Instagram Story, 1 every week whenever you post a new post: I will Share your Dope Work with my Audience every Time you drop a New Post to help you Gain More Exposure from High-Quality engaging Followers and get Hundreds of Follows.

      • You will Get Your Own Affiliate Marketing discount Code: This Discount Code will introduce you to the Affiliate Marketing world, Every Time you share this code with your followers and they buy one of our courses, they will get a 10% off, and every 15th of the Month you will get the total of their purchase in your Bank account. For example, if 10 people buy the course you will get 75$ back, which will pay for your initial investment. Pretty Cool Right?

      • Exclusive Access to Boss Lady Society and my  Instagram Story Close Friends Feature: With This Masterclass, you will get Exclusive access to our private, supportive community of other ambitious women with similar challenges & dreams as you to help you stay accountable. Plus you will get Full Access to my Close Friends IG Story views List, where I Exclusively share with my mentees, new and updated IG Growth Hacks, what is trending, and soon-to-be viral content topics. 

      Don’t waste another day distancing yourself from your goals. Life is too long to work a job you don’t love and too short not to give your dream life a real shot. 

      So If you are ready to turn your passion into your career, then enroll now, and let’s get started on this journey together.