How To Monetize With Affiliate Marketing

1.Choose affiliate programs that are a good fit for your audience

It really doesn't make sense to promote things to your audience that aren't relevant to them. It's confusing, it's not effective, and honestly it's just a waste of everyone's time. For example, people who are interested in joining the Styled Stock Society are most likely women with online businesses / blogs so it wouldn't make sense to promote the Styled Stock Society to women who have no interest in building a brand online.

On the flip side, I get pitches for affiliate programs all the time for things I don't use (and have no interest in using) which is always confusing to me because whyyyy would I promote something I don't use?! If you have your own affiliate program, you're going to have higher conversions from affiliates who genuinely love using your products / service and want to share it with their audiences!

2. Make sure the affiliate program is “worth it” for you

There are a ton of different types of affiliate programs. Some pay you a percentage of sales. Some offer a flat rate. Some are pay per click (even if the click doesn't result in a sale). Some have recurring payments. Some offer credit instead of a payout. The point is – not all affiliate programs are alike, so you have to figure out what makes sense for you. For example, when I was first getting started with affiliate marketing, I used a pay-per-click affiliate program to monetize my blog and would earn cents any time people clicked on my affiliate links – this was DUMB because at the time I didn't have a huge audience – so the number of clicks on my links was nothing to get excited about… and definitely not “worth it” for me. On the flip side, I've also been a part of affiliate programs that paid 50% commissions based on sales (for products worth hundreds of $$$) which makes wayyyy more sense to me!

PS – our Styled Stock Society affiliate commissions are 30% per referral which works out to anywhere from $20-$90 per sale! We think that's a pretty solid deal for our affiliates!

3. Optimize your website for affiliate links

If you're using your website / blog to promote your affiliate links, there are several ways you can optimize your website to increase your affiliate income. If your blog has a sidebar, this is an easy place to add promo images with affiliate links so that anyone who is reading your blog can easily see the tools you use and recommend. If you don't have a sidebar (or a blog), you can still add promo graphics to other parts of your website (resource pages / thank you pages / contact pages / / wherever it makes sense to promote your favorite resources to your audience).

Speaking of resource pages, make sure to include your affiliate links on your resources page and if you don't already have one, now is the perfect time to add one to your website – a resource page is just a page on your website where you can share links to the tools + resources that you use for your business or blog. People are always curious what tools + resources other people use, so this is an easy way to have them all in one place (and share all the the awesome things that you are an affiliate for)!

Update or insert affiliate links in existing content – if you've been blogging / vlogging / etc. for awhile, you might have created content that's relevant to the products / services that you are an affiliate for, so instead of creating totally new content, you can just update old posts with your affiliate links! I'd recommend starting with your most popular posts and seeing if they are relevant to any of the affiliate programs you are part of. For example, if you are a Styled Stock Society affiliate, your posts don't actually have to be about stock photos, but they should be relevant in some way – for example: if you have a blog post on creating social media graphics, you could insert a sentence about how using styled stock photos helps you do that… or if you have a blog post about productivity you could insert a sentence about how using resources like the Styled Stock Society save you time so you can focus on other things. The beauty of this is that since you're just updating posts, it won't take you a lot of time!